Asbestos Contamination

When it comes to asbestos, our expert team is here to keep you and your property safe.

Expert Damage Response

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Residential and Commercial contents restoration after Asbestos Contamination


Our certified asbestos team follows all state and federal regulations in the decontamination and cleaning of asbestos for contents.

Inventory & Packout

Onsite processing of contents with complete documentation, inventory, and packing of all damaged property involved in your insurance claim.

Clean & Restore

Each item is assessed, documented, and restored according to our cleaning standards.

Customer Journey

Stay up-to-date on progress with 24/7 access to your customer portal as we process your items.

Understandably, people are concerned about the salvageability of their contents when asbestos contamination occurs. Thankfully, asbestos isn’t an automatic cue to throw your belongings away and there are effective cleaning methods we utilize. 
Asbestos is found in homes and businesses across Colorado. Fire and water damage can cause damaged materials to fall and expose the area and its contents to asbestos fibers. Health and safety is paramount for all personnel and asbestos material need to be abated before further restoration or construction services can proceed. Our licensed and certified team can safely and effectively decontaminate and restore items affected by asbestos fibers. Feel confident knowing your belongings have a second chance at life.

For decades, asbestos materials were produced and installed in buildings before health issues arose and bans on various asbestos-containing products were put into place. The risk from asbestos comes from their tiny fibers that once airborne, can cause respiratory issues years later. In property damage situations where asbestos-containing material is often exposed, asbestos abatement is required to clean and decontaminate structure and contents of those fibers. The safety of our clients and our technicians is our highest priority when asbestos removal is required. Have peace of mind knowing our specialized team utilizes third-party clearances, complete containment procedures, manifested disposal, and regulated work practices. 

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